The South African Association for Energy Economics (SAAEE) is a nonprofit, non-partisan, and impartial professional association intended to establish a national forum for energy specialists from all professions and spheres of the energy sector (academia, industry, government, private and public sector) and play an advisory role for future good decision making in policy propositions and implementations

The SAAEE activities are developed with main aim to:

  • exchange ideas and experiences in a perspective of energy issues,
  • stimulate high-quality, informed, scientific and evidence-based dialogue,
  • contribute towards the improvement of public and policies in energy sector,
  • promote nationally and internationally collaborative works with similar organizations
  • disseminate multi-disciplinary knowledge and expertise, through workshops and training opportunities,
  • improve the understanding of energy economics for the general public,
  • encourage collaboration and joint production of scientific products among energy specialists,
  • and maintain the global exchange of ideas in energy economics within the network of IAEE and the other Affiliates.
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