2nd Annual Energy Economics Symposium 2021

Abstract submission deadline: 1 FEBRUARY 2021

Overview and Objectives

Energy market reform is an international phenomenon that aims to address important challenges in the sector. Specifically, the South African energy status quo is characterised by aging infrastructure, frequent outages due to power shortages, investment and policy uncertainty, continuously increasing tariffs and vulnerability to climate change.

Liberalisation of the market and a transition from monopolistic state-owned conditions to a perfectly competitive market environment is considered to be the only way forward, particularly for South Africa. Competitive markets in all aspects of the energy sector have the potential to encourage investment and promote efficiency, at least in theory.

This symposium provides the platform to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the liberalisation of energy markets in South Africa, the conditions for successful market reform and impacts on: the energy sector, energy transition efforts, various economic sectors, and the economy and society in its entirety.

The list of topics to be addressed includes, but is not limited to:
• Energy market characteristics
• Regulation and de-regulation
• Pricing structures under different market conditions
• Market conditions and energy transitions
• Integration of electricity markets
• Just energy transition with certain market structures
• Labour participation impact
• The role of youth and women in the new normal
• Regional effects
• Unbundling options for utilities
• Energy markets in the emerging world
• Historical liberalisation of energy markets
• Unbundling of the energy supply and distribution
• Privatisation of energy assets
• Renewable energy penetration considerations
• Access to energy
• Energy security and dependence

Format of the Symposium

Under the current circumstances, the SAAEE 2nd Annual Energy Economics Symposium will be presented in a virtual manner, combining live sessions and pre-recorded presentations with live discussions and networking opportunities. The exact medium of presentation will be shared in due time with the registered participants.

Registration Fees

The registration fee structure is listed below. Please note the special offer we are running when choosing to combine your conference registration fees with your individual 2021 SAAEE/IAEE membership fees.

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Registration process

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Pre-conference event: Youth and Student Day Monday 22 FEBRUARY 2021

The Youth and Student Day has organised a pre-conference event and is open not only to young professionals and students in energy-related topics but all registered participants.
More information to follow.

Important notes

The above fees cover 3-day access to all sessions (plenary and paper presentations) and symposium material.
If an approved paper has more than one author, only the paper presenter may register and pay the corresponding fee, as defined above. A paper presenter cannot present more than one paper.
Withdrawal requests received after October 30 will not be refunded.
Students are especially encouraged to participate and may attend the Symposium at a reduced student registration rate.

For more information:

Contact us by email at conference2020@saaee.org.za, via the website’s contact form or at the SAAEE social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin)




Feb 22 2021 - Feb 24 2021


9:00 am - 2:30 pm

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